Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BBC iPlayer moves on to Wii... what next?

Just read that the iPlayer is now moving onto Wii. Its great to see the BBC pushing it so aggressively. I wonder if its using Flash technology? If it is I imagine they'd have to upgrade the Flash Player to support on2, it would certainly make sense if they could because they get good enough DRM

So where will it go next? Having just got back from overtheair its clear the BBC love mobile and want to embrace it, but they have to be conscious of the mass market. Flash Lite 3 would be an easy port as they'd really just have to change the UI of their existing iPlayer, but the penetration is low at the moment. What other options are there that have a rich UI, DRM and a long term roadmap? Will be interesting to see just how far iPlayer penetrates mobile.

Update: I've just read an interesting post by Darren Waters that seems to confirm the iPlayer roadmap with Flash as a technology base and how that crosses over to consoles too. Looks like the Wii will be moving onto Flash 8 soon :)


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