Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Opera Mobile and Flash

Seems like Opera for mobile is now actually integrating some form of Flash within the browser. There was some tentative announcement back at the MWC that it would support Flash Lite 3, I guess this is the first step.


I think what Opera do is just hook into whatever 'player' is present on the device, so they implement a standard api. However, that can only really lead to a pretty fragmented implementation. Also not sure why its even worth implementing Flash Lite 2.1, flash player 7 is understandable for the video.

My first test with a Nokia N95 8Gb crashed the browser when it tried to access Flash content, but to be fair that has Flash Lite 3 which isn't listed in the tech spec- interesting to see if it works on any Flash video content (Flash 7 is listed as supported - I pressume for windows mobile).

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