Friday, August 12, 2005

Sony Ericsson w800i joins the ranks

When this phone was first announced I was really disappointed to read the specs on the SE website and see that it didnt mention Flash Lite as a feature. It really is a nice phone and what better excuse to buy one than for development purposes.

The w800i is the first in the line of 'walkman' marketed mobile phones. I comes with a 512mb Memory Stick and has been hyped up over here in the UK like no other phone before it. Even to the extent that no one was allowed to sell it until today (12th August). It had its own psuedo launch party at 00 hrs today (or rather last night), accompanied by Jay Kay selling and signing some of the first Walkman™ phones sold at the Oxford Street Carphone Warehouse in London.

Well as fortune would have it, in this case at least, the SE specifications arent always that accurate. After a few investigations it turns out it does indeed have Flash Lite 1.1 installed. So loaded with a good excuse off I went to buy one.

It supports Flash Lite 1.1 as per most other SE devices in browser, screensaver and wallpaper modes. And unlike previous implementations by SE, with this version you can send a swf as a MMS message and receive and view in the message pane itself!

Having played around with it for a couple of hours I can see how this type of device can habour a really well defined market for Flash Lite developers. Its clearly aimed at music loving stylish people. The buttons, the design and subtle features make it a really interesting brand of phone. SE will make a big splash with the walkman line of phones. 10/10

launch video (bbc report)


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