Thursday, October 13, 2005

Flash Lite down under

Via wireless watch : NEC Australia has announced the launch of their first i-mode 3G mobile phone - the NEC N600i ...Available now in Telstra stores...

It would appear from a look at the product manual that swf playback is supported as an imode feature. More than likely this means Flash Lite 1.1 is supported. This will be of welcome news to a few of the Flash Lite developers I know in that part of the world!

Its also I good indication that as 'overseas' i-mode service providers move their handsets to 3G capabilities there is more likelihood that we will start seeing more Flash Lite 1.1 support.


Monday, October 10, 2005

p990i has arrived!

Today Sony Ericsson announced the successor to the p910i. The first phone anywhere based on the new UIQ 3.0, it appears to be the perfect phone for gadget freaks and business people alike. It boasts the following key features: wifi, 2 MP Camera with video, UMTS (3G) and all the other standard features you'd expect. It looks a lot better than the previous P series models and the flip functionality for the keyboard looks to be much more user friendly than its predecessors.

In line with all Sony Ericsson 3G and Walkman branded phones, the p990i has Flash Lite 1.1 preinstalled. It will be interesting to see how this is implemented. Current SE models that have FL 1.1 obviously do not use UIQ 3.0, add to that the p990i's uniqueness and it would be fair to assume the implementation will be different. It would be nice to see FL implemented as the best of both worlds - the standard wallpaper/screensaver/browser implementation found in other SE phones plus the standalone player. This would be a much more useful setup for applications and full screen gaming. The p990i could well be the best mobile device with Flash Lite 1.1 preinstalled to date! Hopefully there will be an opportunity to see it in action as it is unveiled at The Smartphone Show 2005 in the ExCeL Centre in London tomorrow.