Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nokia Sports Tracker, Unicef and lots of running

Just over a year ago I started my own get fit program by going to the gym on a regular basis. At the same time I discovered Nokia Sports Tracker and for the first time in my life I actually started running! Of course I used to play football lots and that involved running after a ball but this was running for the sake of running - something I'd always viewed as a masocistic activity. Nokia Sports Tracker actually gave me a geek reason to start running and from there I've actually started enjoying it.

So this weekend everything culminates in me running a half marathon for Unicef in the Royal Parks Half which plots a 20k route around the central London parks. Its nice to see Nokia are one of the key sponsors, although its a shame they don't seem to be tying Nokia Sports Tracker into the event more. It would be good to see them push Sports Tracker a little more as its a great tool and has been around for well over a year now. Although I have a few gripes with the current version, the core functionality of being able to track progress via GPS and then share this with a google maps mashup is great.

The Royal Parks Half starts this sunday at 10 am. If anyone wants to sponsor me and help out Unicef that would be great and really appreciated:

I'll be using Sports Tracker to track my progress live on race day - so you should be able to go here and see live tracking data.